How To Choose A Wholesale Steel Jewelry Dealer

If you are planning a retail jewelry business, you would need a good product base so as to cater the needs of wide-ranging customers. One of the strong features of jewelry business is that you get to deal with various types of customers. However, the advantage is that you are dealing in jewelry that doesn’t lose its value over time. Jewelry is not a perishable item. So you can stack up your stockroom with as many items as you can without worrying about expiry dates or shelf life. However, in case of the jewelry business, finding a reliable dealer or supplier is one of the biggest challenges. If you get an experienced supplier you can count on making good profits from your venture. Listed below are some important guidelines for finding a reliable wholesale jewelry dealer.

Identifying various types of wholesalers

While looking for a steel jewellery wholesaler, you should be able to identify the reputed ones from the rest of the lot. Now, there are many factors that make a dealer truly reputed. Primarily, you can check the years of experience. This is a basic parameter, but you cannot make your decision based on experience alone. You should test the quality of the products supplied by various dealers before entering into a deal. You can also opt for a trial agreement. The dealers would offer their products for a few weeks or a month. You can check the response of your customers and accordingly enter into long-term agreements. A reputed stainless steel jewellery supplier would provide a detailed catalog of his products. This would include details about the patterns and quality of steel used. While meeting various wholesalers, you should check for these aforementioned indicators so as to gauge their professionalism and ability.


Price or the cost of your supplies becomes the foundation of your business. The extent of profit you make on selling every single jewelry item depends on the cost incurred for their procurement.  So before choosing a wholesale dealer, always check and verify their pricing policy. You need to avoid dealers that have a vague pricing system. Reliable dealers dictate clear and definite pricing terms. One main factor that influences the cost of procurement relates to the source from your dealer gets his products. A supplier who is directly linked to the manufacturer can sell his products at fairly low rates to retail clients. On the other hand, a middleman dealer who gets his product from another supplier would quote comparatively higher prices.  So when you are choosing a steel jewellery wholesaler, you should inquire about the source of his supplies.

Types of steel

Steel jewelry is quite popular nowadays. Owing to its high demand, a large number of small-scale units have started making steel jewelry using various types of steel alloys. While choosing a stainless steel jewellery supplier, you should inquire about the type of steel jewelry he is dealing with.