How to Clean and Care Stainless Steel Jewellery – Jewelry Guide

Stainless steel jewelleries are made up of fine steel alloys that contain chromium. One best thing about this steel is that it doesn’t rust not corrodes and is quite a durable element. However sometimes, your stainless steel jewellery can get stained and scratched with duration of time and so the wearer must ensure that he/she should make it stain free in order to further use of jewellery and stay cling to its natural appearance. In this article, there are some simple rules given to keep your steel jewellery in good condition.

Cleaning stainless steel jewellery

Some rules to follow is given here under:

Pour some warm water in a small bowl and add some detergent power in it.

Dip a soft, lint free cloth in the foamy water and then gently wipe the jewellery using the cloth till the item is thoroughly cleaned.

While cleaning, rub the piece and its polished lines

Wipe the soap off your stainless steel jewelry with a moist cloth dip in clean water.

Dry the jewellery well using a clean cloth and leave the jewellery to be dried.

Once the steel jewellery is cleaned, you can use a polishing cloth or jewellery polish to shine it.

Some people use toothpaste to clean the dirty areas of the stainless steel spots.

Just bear in your mind that toothpastes are abrasive and if you decide this for cleaning purpose make sure that it is a non whitening brand and is free from silica content. You can use soft cloth to rub the paste into your jewellery. Also, don’t forget to rinse the jewellery after you have finished your cleaning job.

An alternative method to clean your stainless steel jewellery is to purchase a stainless steel cleaner from store. You can find the detailed description regarding your cleaning in the package itself. You can also buy regular jewellery cleaner especially for stainless steel material purpose and use it as suitable for this brand.

If you wish to use commercial jewellery cleaner, choose the one having safe label and avoid cleaners that are made from brass, copper or silver as this may be abrasive and can cause your steel jewel to scratch.

Maintaining and storing stainless steel jewelry

Although stainless steel jewellery doesn’t corrodes, nor tarnishes nor does it require any special care, that’s why you should wear and store your item far from letting it contact with any other items.

For example: chlorine and bleach can pit stainless steel and damage its surface. So, during swimming in pool that is chlorinated you must take off your jewellery so as to avoid your piece getting discoloured.

Since too much contact to other material might cause it to damage the piece, and if your jewellery gets scratched, you would need a professional to polish it by going to a jeweller. That’s the reason you need to store your jewellery items from jewellery made of different materials. It is good if you keep your piece in an individual pouch or bag.