How To Choose The Right Jewelry?

Sometimes, it gets chaotic to choose the right kind of jewelry for an outfit. It becomes difficult to decide whether the jewelry will go along with the outfit or not. According to a survey, women spend 90 minutes a week to decide which clothes to wear. And carrying jewelry along with it is important. Here are a few tips mentioned by the author, Deven Davis on how to choose the right stainless steel jewellery and coordinate with the outfit.

Choose stainless steel jewelry according to the occasion

When you’re dressing for the office, do not wear dangling wrist bands, bangles, and heavy bracelets as they may create problems while typing. Choose something simple and one that does not come in your way while typing. Similarly, the stainless steel jewelry to wear at the holy place such as church, temple, mosque etc cannot be worn at the evening party. The jewelry for party needs a shining ad heavy look. So everyone must choose wisely according to the occasion and place.

Use busy patterns with simple stainless steel jewelry

Make use of solid jewelry such as watches, bracelets, and earrings. Try to avoid showy accessories. For busy patterns of the outfit, use simple jewelry and try to avoid loud and ornate jewelry. Wearing ornate stainless steel jewelry with busy print can completely ruin the look.

Make use of statement earrings

Statement earrings add a pretty look to the face. With a simple dress or even with a flashy outfit, by wearing statement earrings can provide a gorgeous look. You may use the glittery earrings but do take n mind the shape of your face. It is important the earrings suit the face well. For example, one with a heart faced can carry drop earrings that don’t require a taper. Similarly, one with an oval-shaped face can wear studs and triangular earrings. These will help to show off the cheekbones.

It must compliment your skin tone

Your jewelry should also be in accordance with your skin tone. If you accessorize well, you can even highlight your skin tone with your stainless steel jewellery. For most natural tones, silver is a preferred standard metal. One may choose gold as it suits perfectly with the dark hair and matte skin tone. The ones with cool skin tone can select among the gems such as purple, blue and red or even white gold. While the ones with warm skin tone can wear green, yellow and orange gemstones.

Use warm jewelry with cool colors

One may use canary diamonds, amber gems, and rubies as they go great with the black and white outfit. But these warm colored gemstones can also be worn with plain purple or blue outfit.

Using cool jewelry

When warm and cool colors blend well, it can give a great look to a person. One may choose a dark blue or deep green gemstone over an outfit of orange or yellow. It is important to balance the cool and warm colors.