How To Identify If The Jewellery Is Original?

Being in the evil world and world full of con men and women, it is really difficult to believe just the word that people say. You need proof or way to find out about the truth, especially, if it is about the huge amount of money and important items. I am here to help you understand about original jewellery bought from steel jewellery wholesaler, where it is fake or real? Have a look in the following points:


First task is to consider the respectable seller for buying expensive and original item. If he is a seller with a good reputation then he will not risk his goodwill for some small amount of money. Goodwill is a very important thing to keep as it takes a year to build one. So, no sane seller will risk his goodwill for any amount.

Return policy

To find out if the item you want to buy is original and 100% pure is to watch if the seller is providing you certain days return policy. Because if the seller is ready to take his item back then it means he has nothing to lose as that item is important and expensive and that means it is original jewellery. No con person would ever take his jewellery back if it is fake. This must be taken care of when bought from steel jewelry wholesale.


Hallmark is the official proof that the item is real. The BIS hallmark is a hallmark for gold and silver that is sold in India. It confirms that the jewellery is according to the standards laid by the Bureau of India Standards. The Bureau of India Standards is the national standard organization for purity certification of gold and silver in India.


You can perform different tests to confirm the origins of the item. Like, Magnet test, gold and silver do not react to a magnet.