Caring Stainless Steel Jewelry: How to Polish and Store?

A stainless steel jewelry piece is much more trendy and stylish than any other kind of jewelry. You may wear this kind of jewelry which whatever variety of outfit and costume you can think of. Always opt for buying stainless steel jewelry wholesale. This is because the wholesalers have a vast collection of jewelry from which you can easily choose the one that is perfect for your personality. In fact, you can even select jewelries in different designs and patterns for wearing to different occasions as well. Taking care for your stainless steel jewelry is very much important to keep them shiny and bright for long. Taking care involves storing and polishing of the jewelries too. What are the caring methods for steel jewelry pieces? Below mentioned are some techniques.

Polishing Techniques for Your Stainless Steel Jewelry:

Use Soft Cloth

Remember to use only soft pieces of cloth to wipe your steel jewelry wholesale. This is because they are more susceptible to abrasions and scratches.

Soap and Water Solution

A solution of water and soap is the best method by which the stainless steel jewelry can be polished easily. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and mix some liquid soap in it. Get a piece of soft cloth damped in that and gently rub the pieces of jewelry. You can even soak the jewelry pieces inside the water and then wipe off with a dry cloth after some time.

Glass Cleaners Come in Rescue

Glass cleaners are great polishers for jewelries made of stainless steel. Just spray some amount of glass cleaner into the stainless steel jewelry wholesale and then with gentle remove the grime that has built upon the pieces of jewelry. Remember to completely dry out the pieces otherwise, the chemicals may stick to them and get damaged.

Vinegar is Another Option

For polishing the stainless steel jewelry, you can even use vinegar. Mix some amount of vinegar in a bowl of cold water and then with a clean piece of cloth, rub the pieces of jewelry with soft hands. You can even dip the pieces inside the solution for some time. Lay them on a soft cloth to dry them completely. Again wipe them and keep them inside your closet.

Storing Techniques for Stainless Steel Jewelry

Following are some of the methods that you can take to store your steel jewelry wholesale.

The stainless steel jewelry must be stored inside boxes.

Keep all your stainless steel jewelry pieces separately.

You must store them in air tight bags like the zip lock ones.

Keep them separate from other metals as well.

Remember to wipe the steel jewelry pieces every time you wear them.