Do Not Go Wrong with Jewellery – Steel Jewelry Makes the Perfect Surprise Gift

Are you planning a surprise holiday gift, or she already know hat you’ll gift her some jewellery. If so, does your loved one already know the size of her ring or bracelet? Ring sizes are usually confusing, and for a gift, you should make sure that you got the right size.

Our ring sizing Stainless Steel Jewelry Wholesale will help you to get the perfect fit, and you should keep in mind that bracelets are about 1.3 – 2.5 cm (1/4 – 1 inch) larger than the actual wrist size, which depends on whether she likes a tighter or looser fit. If you’re still not sure, then don’t worry. You can’t go wrong with the earrings, and our dainty stud bundle offers a wide range of elegant diamante studs.

Detailed Black Stones Steel Band Ring

A lot of necklaces and bracelets also come in adjustable sizes, so if you’re not sure about the size, then you can choose one of them. However, if you want a ring and are not sure about the size, then the open rings are not a good option. These sizes are usually adjustable and breathable and can make a perfect surprise gift.

Once you’ve decided the shape of the ring that you want to gift, you can choose from our bestselling big-stone Magnum or Pera rings or some custom band with Lumen or Oval-Cut bands. You can also prefer to get both of them. Our Steel Jewelry Wholesale deal will have your choice.

We at Arzsteel offer high-quality metals and use plating. Our fashion jewellery (plated, sterling silver and expensive jewellery) can get normal wear and tear over time. In order to extend the life of the jewellery, give them occasional breaks and keep them away from moisture and creams.

Here are certain steps and strategy that you can follow to maintain the quality of jewellery:

Keep them inside the bag when not in use.

Wipe with a soft cloth

Avoid sweat

Avoid chemicals (like hard creams)

Do not sleep win your jewellery

Avoid bathing, washing or showering with jewellery on.

Dry your skin before wearing jewellery.

Apply polymer coating on the interior part of jewellery.