How to Prevent the Green Finger? Guide for Custom Stainless Steel Jewelry Order

Traces of copper are found in Gold and Rose Gold, plating demure to the colouring of metal. In some cases, if your skin is much sensitive and acidic, then you may experience some oxidisation (slight greening). Chemicals of the hand creams are also a cause of oxidisation. It is a common trait even for Stainless Steel Jewellery, but if you want to know more about plating and preventing oxidisation, we advise you to understand our guide better.

If you are allergic or sensitive to metal or have experienced green tainting before, you will probably get the same reaction.

If you are sensitive to metals, you should buy Stainless Steel jewellery or Solid Gold jewellery rather than copper or brass based jewellery.

Our Stainless Steel Jewelry contains 92.5% sterling silver and 6.5% copper and hence is a better option for those who had free tainting before.

We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may occur; It is the customer’s responsibility to take precautions to avoid allergies and sensitivities.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team for further help.

Jewellery care for the delicate item –

This item is delicate and should not be mistreated. Always only pull it straight. Do not twist it while opening or closing the claps, or the links may break. Do not twist it, as that’s the reason why it snaps.

Put the tennis bracelet on last when you’re getting ready, but take it off first to avoid prongs from getting caught. The prongs will loosen if it gets caught with clothes. If prongs get too loose, then the stone might fall out.

At Arzsteel, we use only high-quality sterling silver, rhodium-plated, platinum-plated and 18k gold-plated jewellery in our products. We never you nickel, as it is of low quality and causes irritation and infection. Jewellery that contains platinum, stainless steel and rhodium are less reactive and best for those who have much sensitive skin.